Daventry suffered a second league defeat in 3 days going down two goals to nil at Elderstubbs against Carlton Town.
Carlton opened the scoring after Aaron Opoku was fouled in the box by Ross Harris. Tom Maddison scored sending keeper James Martin the wrong way. This came after a bright start from both sides, Lewis Irwin having the best chance for Daventry prior to the goal.
The win was completed in the second half when Nat Watson’s fierce shot flew past James Martin.
There was limited opportunities for Daventry in the second half, Nat Fornal-Tyler with a blocked shot and Jack Bowen shooting over the best of the chances.
Line Ups
Daventry Town: 1 James Martin, 2 Joe Coleman, 3 Bleu McNeil, 4 Ross Harris, 5 Jeff Woodward, 6 Adam Confue, 7 Taylor Orosz, 8 Carter Price (Joel Nketia 66′), 9 Jack Bowen, 10 Lewis Irwin (Archie Elmore 85′), 11 Nat Gornal-Tyler
Subs: 12 Joel Nketia, 14 Jamie Andrews, 15 Jack Norman, 16 Archie Elmore, 17 Iustin Cerga
Carlton Town: 1 Kieran Preston, 2 Lawrence Gorman, 3 Jacob Sturgess , 4 Daniel Brown, 5 Toby Moore, 6 Jared Holmes, 7 Nat Watson, 8 Tom Maddison, 9 Aaron Opoku , 10 Tyler Blake, 11 Niall Davie (James Matthews 63′)
Subs: 12 Louis Czerwak, 14 James Matthews, 15 Khyle Sargent, 16 Daryll Thomas, 17 Jack Steggles
Monday 30th August 2021, 3pm
Northern Premier League – Midlands Division
Attendance: 104
Referee: Joe Woolmer