England games at Daventry Town

We wanted to give you a quick update on how we’re going to be operating throughout the Euros and also some really important information regarding the England games.

First off, the not so positive – we had hoped (and have been working relentlessly) to secure the bus with big screen to allow for all games to be shown in the biggest beer garden in Daventry.
Unfortunately we haven’t been able to secure the bus so we’re having to revert to Plan B where we will have to utilise the indoor space and screens that we already have.

We have multiple screens around the venue which will guarantee the best view possible.

This means that for all England games we will need to ask the following:

– Please can tables be booked in advance of the game – this can be done by calling the clubhouse on 01327 311239.
As we will have a limited capacity due to Covid restrictions we don’t want you to turn up and not be able to get inside the clubhouse. We already have limited availability for Sunday.

– Where able, can cash be used – we have a limited number of card machines, and to alleviate waiting times to give you the best experience it will be quicker to use cash!

As a general reminder for all games.

– Maximum group sizes per table will be 6.

– A reminder that government rules stipulate that it is strictly table service only.

We’re really sorry that we can’t enjoy the football in the way we’ve had previously. We’d like nothing more than having a massive crowd of people jumping madly around arm in arm celebrating a goal in a shower of beer. Lets hope that we get some positive news on lockdown restrictions easing for later on in the tournament!!