Important Information about reopening

Welcome Back to all of our customers!!!!

We firstly hope that you are all well and are as excited as we are to see you again.

As we prepare to welcome you back to our club very soon, it’s our top priority to keep all of our customers, teams and partners safe.  We’ve been working hard over the last few weeks to reduce the risk of the coronavirus wherever possible in readiness for re-opening.

Following a detailed review of our business, we’ve developed new processes and procedures that will enable us to start getting our beers flowing and to safely reopen the doors.These changes include enhanced cleaning measures, as well as thorough training for our team members and extensive social distancing across the site (the things that make sense to keep everyone safe and still give our customers the best possible experience).

We will continually review these protocols in line with the latest government guidance and industry best practice. Below is more information about some of the changes we’ve introduced.

It’s great to be back, with your safety in mind! And we’d like to thank all of our teams, customers and partners for doing their bit to keep everyone safe and well, too.

Below is a breakdown of what we’re doing both for customers and our staff.

Booking Procedure 

We very much recommend that all of our valued customers book prior to attending.  This will then allow you to reserve a table (on a first come first served basis) that you will be guided to on arrival.

To book, visit our website

Fill in the details and this will generate an email confirming your booking.

We will allow people to access the venue without booking prior, but will state that entrance will be only be accepted if there is enough capacity at the venue.  This will also be on condition of registering for Track and Trace.


Access to the ground will be via the main turnstiles.  We will ask that you allow plenty of time to access the venue and respect social distancing guidelines on entry.

Track and Trace

Although not fully defined by the government at this point, ALL visitors to the venue will need to register names and telephone numbers on arrival as Track and Trace will be in operation.
We WILL NOT allow any access to site for people that have not registered, and names will be checked prior to entry.

The registration process is easy and we ask that you register prior to coming up to the turnstiles.

Payments within the bar area.

Contactless card payments are to be used within the bar area where possible.  This is to protect the staff from handling any potential contaminated cash.  No change will be provided if unable to use a card so exact money will be needed.

Other payments

There may be from time to time be outdoor concessions within the venue.  These will potentially allow cash payments, but will not be giving change so will ask customers for exact money.  If this is not possible, then a voucher for the concession area can be bought within the bar area using contactless cards.

Changing the customer experience

The way that we serve drinks has changed to keep our guests and staff safe and will be continually monitored and adapted.  You will notice the below on visiting the club.

– There will be a one way system in operation throughout the club house to protect our bar staff and to also importantly keep you safe.

– At time to time, due to capacity restraints we may need to impose a one in one out strategy so that we keep compliant with social distancing.

– As well as someone on the door to welcome you and explain any changes, there will be clear signage in and around our sites to help you get to grips with things like how to order, check in and out, and pay safely.

Thorough training for our staff

– As part of their return to work, all of our team members are receiving coronavirus training, including new ways of working, to keep everyone safe.

– We are holding increased number of staff briefings to reinforce the keys controls around regular hand washing, personal hygiene, enhanced cleaning regimes and social distancing.

– Risk assessments have been done and are being shared with all staff.

Enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures

– Hand sanitiser stations are being provided at the entrance to our clubhouse, and outside the toilets for our guests to use.

– We are enhancing our standards of cleanliness and increasing the frequency of cleaning. We will be particularly focusing on the high-touch points in our front of house areas, toilets and guest bedrooms.

Social distancing

– Every effort is being made to comply with the social distancing guidelines set out by the government.

– Guests will find floor markings and signs to help them stay socially distant from others, for example when waiting to be admitted, ordering at the bar, or waiting to use the toilets.

– We have also removed some tables to make sure guests aren’t sat too closely together, and you might spot some protective screens at till points.

– We must insist that people stay within the confines of their own tables to ensure that they stay within their own “bubble”

Inclement Weather

Unfortunately if there is adverse weather, and with our main attraction being outside, we are at risk of the weather!  For this reason we recommend having some wet weather gear available to hand.
If it does turn out that the weather is too wet to stay on the pitch we will be able to accommodate some of our customers within the grandstand (obviously spaced out of course!)   However, the clubhouse will remain closed.

At all times, please follow the guidance of our staff who will be visible in hi-vis vests and will be able to guide you.

Health of our Staff

– We are monitoring our team members’ health on a daily basis to make sure they are safe to come to work.

– PPE will be provided to all staff who are working to ensure that they and you as a customer are protected.

Food and Drink

No drinks will be served in glasses, but instead in single use plastic glasses.  This is to minimise exposure to our staff in having to collect and clean used glasses.
There will be plenty of bins dotted around site and we ask all customers to be considerate and use these please.

As a reminder we are a licenced premises and as such only food and drink bought on site can be consumed.  We appreciate that with a massive open space like ours that you may be tempted to bring your own drink.  Unfortunately, that means that anyone consuming their own alcohol will be asked to leave and won’t be welcome back for future events.